Baby Bump

4.16.2010 | |

Sorry it's been so long! Amidst house renovations, building a studio, photoshoots and jobs, we are re-branding our business and will eventually set up a new website and a new blog. So this one may be on a hiatus for a while. But I do have a quick chance to share this recent maternity session. So without further ado... Enjoy!

In other news, my boudoir site domain has changed (a hint to our new name).. and it's slowly being redesigned:

I have some boudoir weekends scheduled over the next few months so contact me if you're interested!


New house

2.26.2010 | |

Ok, it's a bit rough, but we finally set up a personal blog to document our adventures: mainly, our new house!!

Even more exciting--we bought a studio space too! It was previously a printer shop, so we'll be remodeling both over the next few months. We hope to open our studio this summer.


paulette's top 10 blogs

1.14.2010 | |

Well, hello, 2010! Happy New Year!

There I went neglecting my poor ole blog again. Forgive me? We've just been so busy preparing for a very BIG and exciting life change (details another day), and haven't had any time to share our shoots.. I have a lot to catch up on, including Peru! But none of that for now.

Since I've been doing a lot more blog reading than writing, I thought I'd share with you a few subscriptions that caught my heart in 2009--those that are NOT portrait photographers, but other sources of inspiration and glee. Some are mere photostreams while others are full-on multi-blog sites. Without further ado...

My Top 10 Non-Portrait Blogs:

1. Design Sponge

I am a Design Sponge FANATIC! Dedicated to home and product design, this TEAM of bloggers cover it all--product reviews, do-it-yourself projects, design boards, recipes, home tours, guest bloggers, and more. My favorite categories are:

-interior design
-past and present
-living in
-small measures
-we like it wild
-windows & walls

But there are just so many to pick from :)

And don't be fooled.. it's not all about projects. The "small measures" section often includes blurbs on philosophy or life in general. Here's my favorite post from this week, which has nothing to do with making anything at all: the art of loafing!

Soooo much sponge to love. <3

2. LikeCOOL
Coolest gadget/design blog EVER. Seriously. Despite the fact that it's a bit littered with ads, this is where innovation meets goofiness meets art meets joy meets the cutting edge of totally bizarre.

3. Young House Love

This site includes videos, design advice, and the most detailed accounts/set of instructions for every do-it-yourself home project under the sun!! Written by married couple Sherry and John, who have been working on their first home since 2006, this is a fantastic resource and online community for those of us crazy enough to take on home renovation.

4. Twenty Three

The tumblr of a twenty-something from India. Despite the cheesy quotes, I love getting updates on her photography posts. She digs up some cool stuff. What's a tumblr? I'm still not sure.

5. flickr blog
Yay photo compilations!

6. Liebemarlene's flickr photostream

Cute outfits

7. Fred Baby's flickr photostream

(Don't mind my slightly absurd obsession with Audrey Hepburn)

8. Ric-Rac

An amazing crafter who mostly makes adorable little stuffed animals(/robots).. and then takes pictures of them having adventures.

9. Etsy's How-to Blog
Who doesn't love Etsy?

10. Simplesong
A letterpress designer blogs her inspirations, including lots of yummy fashion spreads.

(And for my fellow yogis... not so much visual inspiration, but what's going on in the yoga world: Yoga Buzz.. just couldn't leave it out!)

Now go explore!

Dorie & Eric

11.30.2009 | |

We're so happy for you two!

A day at the beach

11.17.2009 | |

I think the sun went down at 4 today. I rubbed my frozen fingers waiting for my car to warm up and blasted the heat on my way home. It's hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, we were on a beautiful Floridian beach with my best friend Lauren and her family. It's even harder to believe that a quarter of a century ago, we were playing together at the beach as toddlers ourselves :) We miss them already!

Ksenia & Joe

11.01.2009 | |

Just a couple of wedding teasers :)


10.28.2009 | |

All the Agawam High girls were so sweet and great to work with this year. We hope to see more next season! <3